About team gosadi

At the core, our team has a deep understanding of the fiber industry as well as e-commerce and we came together with the common goal of making a meaningful contribution to a community that is important to us. We are excited to meet you and tell you more about how we got here!

Meet the team behind gosadi

  • Profile picture of Co-founder, Michele Costa

    Michele Costa

    Co-founder, CEO

  • Profile picture of Co-founder, Hilary Cerbin

    Hilary Cerbin

    Co-founder, Branding Manager

  • Profile picture of Solomon Lasluisa

    Solomon Lasluisa

    Technical Product Manager

  • Profile picture of Head of Marketing and Brand Vocie, Samantha Brunson

    Samantha Brunson

    Marketing Contributor

  • Profile picture of Misty Henderson

    Misty Henderson

    Office Coordinator

Our Story

Profile picture of Co-founder, Michele Costa

From Michele:

I first had the idea for gosadi several years ago, even pitching it to potential investors. At that time, it didn't move forward, so my idea was placed on the back burner, (but not forgotten) as I continued building and growing my other fiber-related businesses.

Fast forward to January 2022, when Hilary was driving me home after taking care of me after an outpatient medical procedure. What was just casual conversation between us turned into a deeper discussion about frustrations and dreams in the fiber industry. I mentioned my idea for gosadi and almost immediately, Hilary responded with "OMG that is brilliant! I had a similar idea a few years ago, but just didn't even know where to begin.”

I said “Wow. Right? So should we do this together?”

We continued talking and realized that each of us had a significant piece of the puzzle that the other was missing, and decided that it needed to happen.

Profile picture of Co-founder, Hilary Cerbin

From Hilary:

We have worked together in various capacities and collaborated together over the last 5+ years and that grew into a deep friendship as well. Our business relationship is well-tested through a series of great and successful collaborations. We have had those honest, frank moments and it only strengthened our partnership and ultimately lead to a really meaningful friendship. If there was anyone with whom I wanted to embark on this journey, it was Michele. We both knew our friendship could not only survive a business venture, but help it thrive as well.

Naturally, after this significant conversation happened, we wasted no time. We knew we were going to need start-up capital and I told Michele I knew someone who would be interested. Michele pitched it less than a week later, and just like that, the deal was closed, and it was time to bring the concept to life.

From both of us:

This brings us to gosadi, co-founded by us, Michele & Hilary. The joke is that "Michele is the whole C Suite" because she handles the day-to-day, oversees the tech build, and she is the managing partner of the Company. Hilary oversees branding, building brand relationships and developing our company voice.

Our skills and what we each bring to the table are so complementary that we are constantly reminding each other, “damn, we are a good team!” Together, we are proud to be building this product and company exactly the way we both feel a company should be.

Meet Our Alpha Users

gosadi is extremely grateful for our industry experts who have taken time to help provide feedback, input and encouragement and helped us build this incredible platform. We are grateful to them and encourage you to check them out.

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